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Mailing Address

Immunity Services LLC
2751 N. Miami Avenue Suite #7
Miami, FL 33127


  • Registration: infiltrate@immunityincdotcom
  • General Inquiries: infiltrate@immunityincdotcom
  • Call for Papers: cfp@immunityincdotcom


(p) +1-786-220-0600

Justify Your Trip

Trying to convince your manager to let you attend the INFILTRATE conference? We’ve created a customizable email template you can use to prove the value of your trip.

Dear [your manager's name],

I’d like your permission to attend INFILTRATE, a deeply technical conference that focuses entirely on offensive security issues. The conference takes place at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami on April 23 - 24, 2020. This is a single-track, high-end, private conference, which emphasizes technical connections between researchers over the marketing and recruiting blitz that is larger conferences. No press is allowed in, and no name badges are required for attendees - in other words, it’s exactly the opposite kind of conference from BlackHat or RSAC.

Attending this conference will be beneficial for both my personal growth and our company’s knowledge in the following ways:

  • Learning the gritty technical details of some of the most complicated vulnerabilities from the last year, in an intimate setting that allows me to get one on one time with the discoverers and researchers.
  • Seeing what types of vulnerabilities are likely to have major impact over the next near term (for example, the automated domain-traversal technique used by the NotPetya worm was first presented by researchers at INFILTRATE 2015, and in 2018 Jann Horn did an extremely deep dive into the Meltdown/Spectre bugs which he found).
  • Getting one-on-one time with luminaries in the field, for example: former Technical Director of the NSA Dickie George, Chris Eagle, the authors of Binary Ninja, automated exploit development guru Sean Heelan, the iOS exploit world leaders in Keen Team, and researchers like Natalie Silvanovich.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of costs

Domestic airfare estimate $
Fontainebleau Hotel room rates start at $
Registration fee starts at $
Total Estimated Cost $

After the conference, I’ll circulate a report that will include a summary of what I learned and a set of recommendations to increase our team’s productivity.

Thank you for considering my request to attend this event.

Looking forward to your reply,

[your name]

Code of Conduct

To ensure that everyone feels safe while attending INFILTRATE 2020, we have established a code of conduct for attendees to adhere by. Immunity is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference for everyone. We value the participation of each member in the INFILTRATE community. Accordingly, all attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy to other attendees throughout the conference and at all conference events.

Harassment includes offensive and/or intimidating communication related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

We will not tolerate harassment in any form. Conference participants violating these rules may be asked to leave the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Reporting Harassment

If you or someone you know is being harassed while attending INFILTRATE, please report the issues to the conference organizers:

Conference Staff: Lea Lewandowski or Marcela Nestler
Phone: 786-220-0600

Conference staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the conference. We value your attendance.

The policy may be revised at any time by the organizer and is non-negotiable.

In the event of an emergency situation, please contact local authorities immediately.

Conference Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Conference Briefings or Immunity Training Session, you agree to all of the conference terms and condition stated herein. We strongly advise that you print this page and keep a copy for your records.

Cancellation / Substitution Policy

  • Conference Briefings and Immunity Training Sessions fees are non-refundable after March 20th, 2020.
  • Registrants who must cancel may substitute another person. Substitutions are allowed with the written permission of the original registrant.
  • All cancellation and substitution requests shall be made in writing and sent to infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com from the original registrant.
  • Paid registrants who do not cancel by March 20th, 2020, fail to send a substitute or do not attend the conference and/or training forfeit their entire registration fee.
  • Individuals are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations. Immunity Services LLC is not liable for any hotel or travel costs.
  • Registrants who have paid and wish to cancel will receive a refund if notification is submitted in writing to infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com on or before March 20th, 2020.
  • If you cancel an earlier registration and then re-register at a later date, your new registration will be based on the current pricing as of the date of your final registration. Earlier registration pricing will be invalid.
  • Immunity Services LLC has the right to cancel any unpaid registrations without notice.


Refunds will only be given if a cancellation request is made in writing to infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com on or before March 20th, 2020.

  • Credit Cards: Refunds for credit card payments will only be to the original card charged.

Conferences Badges

All persons on the conference floor must have a badge visible on them at all times. Anyone not displaying a badge will not be permitted to attend the conference briefings and/or events.

Meals / No Open Bar / Guest Meal Tickets

  • Delegates that purchase the discounted “No Open Bar” conference briefings pass will be given a special badge/wrist band that will prohibit their consumption of alcohol during the open bar events. Delegates that buy the full price conference briefings pass will have access to the open bars during the Wednesday night Welcome Reception, Thursday night Reception dinner and Friday post-conference open bar.
  • Fees are non-refundable for any of the meal functions, regardless if you participate or not.
  • If you have special meal needs please email infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com. We will do our best to fulfill special meal needs and requests, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet them.
  • With the purchase of a CONFERENCE GUEST MEAL TICKET, guests of paid conference briefings attendees are welcome to join you at the conference briefing breakfasts and lunches, as well as at the Wednesday night and Thursday night conference events. Guests will need to display a special badge to obtain access to the meals and events. Conference Guest Meal Tickets do not permit the guest to access the conference briefings and/or coffee breaks during the conference. A separate guest meal ticket is required for your guest to enjoy the meals served during our training sessions.
  • With the purchase of a TRAINING GUEST MEAL TICKET, guests of paid training attendees are welcome to join you at the training breakfasts and lunches. Training Guest Meal tickets DO NOT permit the guest to access the training class and/or coffee breaks during the training classes. A separate guest meal ticket is required for your guest to continue enjoying access to meals and events during the conference.

Group Discounts

Group discounts for the conference briefings passes and training sessions are available when registrations are made and paid at the same time. Please email infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com for more information. We cannot retroactively apply a discount to a group if they have already registered as individuals.

Letters of Invitation

If you require a Letter of Invitation to attend INFILTRATE, you must submit a request to infiltrate@immunityinc[dot]com. Letters of Invitation are usually only required by foreigners who must obtain a VISA to enter the country in order to attend the event.

  • Letter of Invitation will only be issued to the registrant and only after the registration fee is paid in full.
  • The registrant will be responsible for any costs associated with mailing the Letter of Invitation.
  • All requests for a Letter of Invitation must be received no later than … …, 2020.
  • Immunity Services LLC does not guarantee that the Letter of Invitation will grant the registrant a VISA.

Training Class and Workshop Reservations

  • All training and workshop seats are first come first serve. The only way to hold a seat is to have your registration paid in full.
  • Immunity Services LLC reserves the right to cancel your unpaid registration without notification.

Training Conditions

  • The laptops provided for use during the training sessions are the property of Immunity Services LLC. The laptops are for educational use only. The use of the laptops for personal business is strictly prohibited. Any damage to the laptop hardware will result in recovery/replacement charges billable to the paid registrant.
  • The posted class syllabus is subject to change.

General Conditions

  • Immunity Services LLC reserves the right to refuse entry or remove personnel (both registered and non-registered) from the event for vandalism, stealing, offensive and unruly behavior, or for any other reasons deemed appropriate, at their discretion.
  • Immunity Services LLC will not be liable in respect of any loss of or damage to the personal property of, or the loss of life or personal injury to, any person, whether that loss, damage or personal injury is caused by negligence (including the negligence of Immunity Services LLC) or otherwise. This exclusion of liability does not apply to any liability which cannot be excluded under applicable law.


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