LUNGS! You have them, your friends have them. Other vertebrate mammals have them. They’re pretty cool, and we appreciate that many of you wanted to bring them to Miami Beach in October for INFILTRATE. However, the artificial intelligence that controls INFILTRATE scheduling has decided in its magnificence to delay the conference until next Spring. This assumes we can protect your delicate mammalian lungs by then using some sort of primitive immuno-response booster. We will be still be doing talks and releasing content to enhance your bio-minds, and of course, will be doing something special for those of you who keep your tickets until it is next safe to see you in person. Stay tuned, fellow hominids!



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Exclusively Offense

INFILTRATE is a deeply technical conference that focuses entirely on offensive security issues. Groundbreaking researchers demonstrate techniques that you cannot find elsewhere. Learn computer and network exploitation, vulnerability discovery, and rootkit & trojan covert protocols. INFILTRATE eschews policy and high-level presentations in favor of hard-core thought-provoking technical meat.

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